Booking Engine

Make the most out of your website traffic! Recieve bookings from your own site and increase your revenue.


All the connections between the booking engine and PMS EXPERT are SSL encrypted. The guests data are always protected with the latest technology tools.


Every guest can proceed the payment online, choosing between paypal, direct credit card or offline payment. Extra payment methods can be added upon request.


Every booking recieved from the booking engine will be reflected in the PMS EXPERT dashboard and calendar. PMS EXPERT will then take care updating all the inventory in all the channels connected.

Convert your visitors to clients!

Some of the guest who reach you through OTA-s will first check your website for any valuable information. Having a booking engine with great deals and offers can push visitors to place a booking right to your website.
PMS EXPERT identifies any lead and help you boost your conversion.

Very uder-friendly and interactive interface

Optimized for every device

Convert your visitors to clients!

Features of PMS EXPERT booking engine

These features will help you maximize your website conversion.

Easy to implement

Optimized interface

Fully customized

Responsive design

Promotional codes

Package deals

Group reservations

Automatic confirmations

Direct synchronization with PMS EXPERT

What is a Booking Engine

A booking engine is a tool that allows you to recieve direct bookings from your webiste. It may act as a standalone tool or integrated with PMS. We always recommend our clients to have an integrated booking engine, in order to have a consistent inventory through all channels.

Why have a booking engine in your webiste?

The answer is straight forward – It helps you convert website visitors to guests and boosts your revenue from your website. Our booking engine is fully integrated with the PMS EXPERT, keeping you and the OTA-s inventory always updated.